All rides meet up at the base of the Philadelphia Art Museum steps.


Check the Facebook events for specific meet up, roll our and route information.


Riding in the city, with traffic, and with a group that includes a lot of party animals involves inherent and often unforeseeable risks of serious injury or worse.


We know this, and so do you – yet we still ride because its fun and we’re all friends. Let’s keep it fun and friendly no matter what. If you get hurt, feel free to go after the city or a driver, but we insist you agree that nobody on the ride sue each other in the event something bad happens.


So by riding, you agree that you assume these risks and that you agree that you waive all claims, including claims of negligence, and agree not to bring claims against anyone that planned the ride, led the ride, or participated in the ride.


No representation is being made that the way we ride or places we go is lawful.


You are responsible for your own conduct, inclusive of any criminal and civil liability.